Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment: Endodontics

Root canal treatments may be recommended when the nerve of a tooth dies, becomes infected, or becomes severely inflamed. The cause of the nerve problem may be deep decay, trauma, or some unknown cause. A root canal treatment removes the diseased nerve and blood vessels within the tooth, and allows you to retain the hard structure of your tooth.

Root canal treatments have had a bad reputation in the past, but we can assure you that the treatment of the diseased tooth nerve can now be completely comfortable. Effective anesthetic, or numbing, can keep this procedure pain free.

We perform many root canal treatments here in our office. They may require one to two appointments to complete. Occasionally, a tooth may present a difficult situation, such as a curved root or difficult access, and we may choose to refer you to a specialist who does root canal treatments only, called an endodontist. We are fortunate to have excellent specialists in our area, and we will assist you in seeing an endodontist in the most convenient way possible for you, should that be necessary.

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