Dentures and Partial Dentures

In the event that teeth are lost due to dental disease or trauma, we are pleased to offer services for tooth replacement. We have discussed some types of tooth replacement in our section on restorative dentistry, and here we provide information about removable appliances that replace missing teeth.

Partial dentures replace missing teeth when some teeth still remain in the arch. Removable partial dentures generally clasp on to existing teeth to keep the partial denture securely in place in the mouth. A thin metal framework is made and resin teeth are bonded to the framework. Several appointments will be needed for trying the denture and fabricating the bite. Adjusting to the denture may take several days to several weeks. Removal of the partial denture at night for sleeping is recommended to give the oral soft tissues a rest.

Complete dentures are made when all teeth in either the upper arch, lower arch or both are lost. Dentures are made with very detailed impressions of the mouth to give the best support, comfort and stability. A very resilient plastic is used with resin teeth to create a natural appearance and bite. Dentures can be made ahead of tooth extraction, so that patients need not go without teeth. Adaptation to denture wear may take several days to several weeks. Patients may need to practice chewing and speaking with their new teeth in order to feel completely confident. Removal of dentures at night for sleeping is recommended to give the soft tissues of the mouth a rest.

Cleaning dentures daily is an important part of maintaining oral health and longevity of the denture and any existing teeth. Bacteria and plaque can build up on dentures and need to be brushed off daily. A soft brush and toothpaste may be used to clean all surfaces of the denture. Also, a denture soak such as Polident or Efferdent is recommended for 20 minutes several times per week.

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